Thursday, 15 October 2009

Down Time

So this morning I packed up the husband and sent him off to Mexico City for a 10 day visit with his family. I’m actually rather proud of this decision on my part, since I highly encouraged this visit. My Mother in law had been making “I want to come and visit you” sounds for some time, and I could feel the weight of an impending arrival.

I’m not going to delve into the depths of my relationship with the MIL, since translation programs have come such a long way, but safe to say after 10 years, she and I have reached an uneasy agreement. Ironically enough, our big issue is that we both love the Fabster so much. He’s her (self admitted) favorite son and, well, he’s my only husband. So we tug o’ war over him when we’re together.

I won’t go into how she rearranged my kitchen to cook him his favorite dishes, or how she rooted though our hamper to wash his clothes daily, or how she massages his feet while he plays the playstation, because that would be petty, and, like I said, we’ve come a long way. In fact, I now answer the telephone when the caller ID tells me it’s from DF and she doesn’t hang up in my ear anymore! The Fab-man denies any knowledge of this rivalry , but secretly, I think he enjoys it a little bit and have even seem him “up the anty” a little bit.

I’m actually looking forward to this little respite. Being an only child, and an avid reader, I really like being alone. Secretly I sometimes even miss being single. I’m looking forward to a fat glass of wine in the backyard later, and then eating dinner over the sink, before climbing into bed and sleeping like a starfish. This single, John Belushi-like lifestyle will probably continue until at least Monday!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Riddle me this..

Why in Mexico do they have a word for puppies, cachoro, but no word for kitten? you have to use little cat, or gatito?

Why are Halls cough drops considered candy here, and not the medicine for a sore throat they are in the States?

Why here do they play "Crazy 7s?"