Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Looks like someone just missed the entire concept there,captain obvious

Yesterday I was read on the internet a post that someone had written about how they couldn’t possibly come to Cozumel because we don’t flush the toilet paper, and that they thought that was really icky and prolly smelled kinda gross, eww!

I had to laugh out loud. First of all Cozumel is an island and we don’t have any water pressure at all to speak of. Second of all, have you ever been anywhere, restaurant, hotel, public place, that didn’t clean their restrooms at least once a day? that remained in business?

Seriously, what exactly is this person envisioning?? Calcutta? I’m thinking they might have missed the whole Caribbean island kinda vibe. That’s ok, more boat drinks for the rest of us!!


Leslie Limon said...

I could do without the ignorance of some people! But I'd love one of those boat drinks!!!

SkylersDad said...

The ignorance out there is truly amazing sometimes, isn't it?

Ms. Moon said...

I just posted a picture of the "Do not put your paper in the toilet" signs found in Cozumel. I have no problem with it. And one of my readers pointed out that the same is true in Crete.
So there you go.
Love your island. Don't put your paper in the toilet.

cozzie laura said...

I just don't get the whole,"this isn't the same as back home" kinda mentality.

Kori said...

I would totally crap on the ground in a hole outside in front of everyone if it meant I could go to cozumel; seriously. : )

Joy said...

I'll be there briefly in mid-October and will be one of those horrible cruise people. I've never been on a cruise and wanted to try it, but if I go back to Cozumel, I'll just go without the ship. I'd also like some suggestions about where to eat and what to do while there. Unfortunately, I won't have much time but am excited about going. After reading Ms Moon's blog about her love for the island, I want to go.

cozzie laura said...

Joy, send me your email addy and I'll add you to my weekly Cozumel 4 you webletter, my email is

maybe you can come to happy hour and have blue drinks with the surf king!!

Kelley said...

My FIL used to scuba dive in Cozumel, and I was always slightly amused/irritated at his additude that the rest of the planet should conform to what he was comfortable with. In other words, it should all be just like America. I'm sure the no flushing rule freaked him out, as he hasn't darkened your island for a good 10 years now.

Sarah said...


CageQueen said...

I'd be glad that person doesn't want to come visit. Sounds like a party pooper to me!

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