Saturday, 5 September 2009

Cue the Twilight Zone Music Now....

I know that yesterday was a full moon, and things are supposed to get kinda flukey when there’s a full moon, however, they’ve been rod sterling-twilight zone strange. Allow me to elaborate:

Yesterday I saw a family of 5 and a dog on a scooter. That’s a record.

I had two separate conversations with a man from Nigeria and a man from Turkey in Spanish, because both of them were more comfortable in that language then English.

I witnessed an ambulance, with it’s siren going, get into an accident. This Jetta saw the ambulance coming, and still decided to shoot the gap and pull out in front of it. To the ambulance diver’s credit, once he clipped the tail end of the jetta, he just kept going. He did have the siren going on, after all.

Yesterday I witnessed 3 separate drunks laying passed out on the sidewalk. Again, another record.

The Fab husband was kind enough to surprise me with some super nice silver hoop earrings, which I now covet. I wore them out last night. No less than six people literally said “hey, Laura, nice earrings. Dude, what DID you do wrong?’

I’m now paranoid that it was some sort of “pay it forward” karma thing, and that the Fab man is planning do to something really wrong…..

Currently, I am also afraid of my cat. Oddly enough, Orca the cat loves this repulsive plastic-strawberry yogurt drink the Fabster insists upon having every morning. That in itself is strange, however, Orca got a little over excited and batted it out of the husband’s hand, so it crashed to the floor, spilling neon pink slop everywhere. Husband’s response- he let the cat clean it up. Orca’s belly is now distended and I can hear the sounds that it makes.

And I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet!


Ms. Moon said...

Full moon? Life in paradise? Life in general?
I would suggest, by the way, letting the dogs finish the clean-up process. They'll get it ALL off the floor.

Mwa said...

I'm trying to imagine the family of five plus dog. It's not easy.

cozzie laura said...

Good idea, Ms. Moon, the cat was more at the dust buster level.

I've seen a family of 5 before, on one scooter, but never with a dog too. Oddly enough, they all, with the exception of the dog, had helmets.

SkylersDad said...

Can't we fab husbands do something nice once in awhile? ;^)

Kori said...

I think that if I got any kind of jewelry, ever, even a cheap dime-store bauable, I would KNOW that he had done something wrong and would have to kick him out.

cozzie laura said...

Kori, trust me, I kissed my fair share of frogs before I found the Fab man. There are some super ones around there, few and far between, just ask Ms. Moon!

CageQueen said...

Oooh, the cat got to lap up the yogurt. I'm afraid of what the litter box will hold for you in a few hours!

~The Martini Chronicles