Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Check out the bobble-head!

I've been foster-caring this adorable bobble-headed kitten since last Saturday. The Queen of the street, dropped it off at my neighbor's house, where I happend to be drinking beer at the time, so my defenses were down, and we agreed to foster-care bobble until he was either adopted (or non-infectious) and could be taken to the Humane Society.

Bobble head arrived in a plastic bag (reason number 42 why I bear the Queen of the Street ill will) and had such a bad eye infection that his little (grey) eyes were stuck shut. 3 days later and the infection is almost gone. Dr. Ivan gave me medicine for the de-worming (thanx, Ivan!) andthe little guy is on the road to recovery.

Now that he's not miserable his personality is really coming out. He follows me around and tries to always be touching me, and is purr is as big as his head. My cat, Orca, was hand raised, and adopted from the Humane Society, and I can tell you that these make the best pets ever!

Please drop me a note if you're looking for a little bundle of head to brighten your day!


Sarah said...

If you werent so damn far away, I would take that bobble headed kitten off your hands. Fo sho.

scubalaura said...

I hope someone does. I have to force myself not to touch bobble-head or form any attachment, since the Fab Man has already told me it's me or the cat, and, to be honest, I've got bigger battles!

Sarah said...

Is it legal to mail a bobble head kitten?

scubalaura said...

We airship them with friendly tourists. Check out my old post, like March, where I accidently took the wrong dog to Texas.

Sarah said...

Hmmm, wonder how much it would cost to have a bobble head kitten shipped to CT. lol.