Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Deep Sea Fishing with animals

This happened a while back, however, it still makes me smile, and that's what I really wanted to do today.

So the Fab-man and his buddy, Pato, decide to go fishing in Pato's boat. They invite their friends, Don and Guido (seriously, they're from New York) to come too. At the time, Brisa, Pato's boat was kept up by Isla de Pasion, very north.

Anyone who'w ever been that far up north, can attest, that it's very pretty, very rustic and completely overrun with racoons. They're actually rather cute, and in my opinion, harmless, and will come out and beg shamelessly for a handout. I have even seen them storm into rental jeeps in search of unattended snacks, sort of along the same line as animal time-share salesmen.

Anyhow, boat is loaded, mostly with beer, and the boys cast off. According to the Fab-man, after the first 3 beers or so (yes, that's a measure of time, here) they start hearing this unidentified squeeking sound.

They're looking around, checking cell phones, boat motors, and, of course, the cooler, for the sound, when they are finally able to tell that it's coming from the front hatch of the boat. Guido, who was closest opens the front hatch only to discover that they have, indeed, invited a raccoon along with them. Raccoons apparently don't like boating, hence the sounds.

Pato's boat isn't very big, so there's no way to get away from the raccoon, and the boys have gone too far along to turn back now just because of a seasick raccoon. Don and Guido decide to toss a ham sandwich into the hatch, and lock the hasp. (Did I mention that they're from New York?)

The afternoon carrys on. The fish are biting and the beer is cold. The raccoon, either placated by the sandwich or too seasick to care, is not heard from again.

Our heros return, close to sunset, unload the boat, and as the final act of the day, open the hatch with the trapped raccoon. Fab-man tells me that they're last sight was the raccoon drunkenly staggering down the wooden pier toward land. Imagine the story he had for his buds...

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