Friday, 22 May 2009

A Slight Digression Rant, NCR

A new friend of mine is opening a salon here on the island. I'm always thrilled about new salons since it gives me a chance to wreck my hair all over again.

Seriously, I can't even keep count of the variety of hair colors I've rocked throughout the years. They're generally some variety of blonde, ranging from baby chick yellow, to, in one case, an unfortuante shade of green (thank you, Victor!) There was even the year of RED, which I'd rather not talk about....

Anyhow, here's my beef with hairdressers. The first thing they always say to you is "So what are we going to do with your hair today?"

"Um, you tell me, YOU went to beauty school!" Seriously, when I drop the car off at the mechanic, it would never occur to me to give him pointers, tips or any sort of direction. Same for the guys who paint my house. Why do hairdressers always ask that question?

It puts pressure on me, to have some limited knowlege, and frankly, I never read all those articles in "Glamour" and "Vogue" like 7 hairstyles for every face shape.

If I possessed these facts (and the skill set) would I still even need you?

Let's hope today hair wrecking goes a little different.

Oh, and for those of you who don't lurk all day and every day on Cozumel Chat boards, NCR, means Non-Cozumel Related. That's your nugget of knowledge for the day!

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