Friday, 26 June 2009

The Video...again

Iknow that I posted this yesterday, but I just wanted to give kudos to the staff at Canal5, they did a super job with the video, and I'm really looking forward to the show. The first episode is this Thrusday from 7 to 8 pm. We'll have the videos on you tube too, in case you can't see it. This is a super opportunity for Cozumel and for "gringos" who live here. We've never had our own news venue here.

We're working on topics,for the show, what would you like to see?


Ms. Moon said...

You're so cute! I can't wait to meet you and crawl the cantinas, Laura.

cozzie laura said...

you might not recognize me without all the good editing and the make-up job!! it's a wonderful job they did!

Ms. Moon said...

Ah well. I have a face recognition disorder anyway. So you'll have to wear some hibiscus in your hair or something equally cliche.
You'll recognize us- my husband is like 6'10" tall.